All type of Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, High Chrome Iron, Nihard, wear and heat resistant steel, Carbon and Alloy Steel.

Press Machine Body and Frame, Ingot Mould, Pump Parts, Die Holders, Components for Crusher Machine, Ram Body for Piling Machine, Extraction Oil Machine, Frame & Parts, Cell Frame & Component for Copper Foil Machine, High Chrome Alloy Iron, Stainless Steel and Nihard Castings.

Melting Furnace
Four units of high frequency induction furnaces of 1 ton and 1.5 ton each respectively to produce high grade iron such as ductile and high chrome iron, Nihard, wear and heat resistant steel.

Moulding Machine
- A complete plant of self-hardening sand reclamation and mixing equipment in FURAN process for moulding.
- One complete green sand treatment equipment.
- Nishimura mixing shower coating machine.

Finishing Equipment
- One unit swing table type shot blast machine (3mx3mx3m)
- One unit tumbler type shot blast machine (1.2m)
- One Unit Electric Heat Treatment Furnace Model RT2-260-11 (Size: 2500x1500x1500).
- One Unit Electric Heat Treatment Furnace Model RX3-340-12. (Size: 2.5m x 2m x 2m)

Quality Control/Inspection Equipment
- C.E. Meter
- Portable radiation thermometer
- Portable hardness tester
- Hydraulic Universal Tensile Testing Machine.
- Worldwide Analytical System AG Arc-Spark Optical Emission Spectrometer Model Foundry Master.

High Cr Vertical Mill Table Liner Segment for Cement Plant

Piling Hammer

Die Mould Holder for Automotive Industries

Vertical Grinding Roller Set

Melting Bowl for Aluminum Smelting

50Ton Melting Bowl for Smelting Plant

Special alloy table for glass grinding plant


Pump Casing for Chemical Plant



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